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FAIS Compliance

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Professional Indemnity

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Insured By: Old Mutual Insure Limited
Policy Number: D/OSS/23/0971

Compliance Officer

Omega Compliance Solutions (Pty) Ltd.

Compliance Registration No: 7375

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Regulatory Compliance

Freedom of Information Document (View document)
Brokers Disclosure Document (View document)
Complaints Procedure (View document)
Conflict of Interest Policy (View document)
Conflict of Interest Policy – Notes & Information (View document)
Disaster Recovery Plan (View document)
Policyholder Protection Rules – Life Insurance (View document)
Policyholder Protection Rules РShort Term Insurance (View document)
Statutory Notice – Life Insurance (View document)
Statutory Notice – Short Term Insurance (View document)

Protection of Personal Information

POPI Manual (View document)
POPI Act (View document)
PAIA Act (View document)

The Financial Centre Intelligence Act (FICA)

We, as Registered Financial Service Providers, have to comply with the same set of legislative rules as the rest of the Financial Services Industry. This in turn means that we have to hold certain information about our clients in order to comply with the provisions of the various Acts. These Acts are the following:

  • Financial Intelligence Centre Act
  • Financial Advisors and Intermediary Services Act
  • The Prevention of Organised Crime Act
  • Freedom of Access to Information Act

In terms of our license it is incumbent upon us to comply with the regulations contained in the above Acts.

Please take note of the following requirements in terms of The Act as required for a juristic entity:

  • A copy of the original CM1 (certificate of incorporation)
  • A copy of Notice of Registered Office and Postal Address (CM22)
  • Copy of contents of register of Directors (Form CM29)
  • Current Form CK2 reflecting founding members or amended notice (close corporations)
  • Trade address (if we do not have it)
  • Proof of Trade Name
  • Income Tax Number (any documentation which contains your Tax Number)
  • VAT number (any documentation from SARS reflecting the number)
  • Full names, I.D. numbers and contact particulars of the manager of the company (CC) and or the responsible person.
  • Full details of the shareholders who own more that 25% of the voting rights of the particular company.

In the event that the that the client is an individual the following requirements need to be met which must not be more than three months old:

  • Proof of residential address i.e. utilities account, copy of Short Term insurance policy etc.
  • Copy of Identity Document

The requirements for FICA are only applicable to the Long Term Insurance industry and is specifically excluded from Short Term Insurance, but it still remains our responsibility to report any CASH transaction which is more that R25,000.00 in value.